Jul 26, 2007

8 Extraordinary Things About Moi!

"These are 8 extraordinary things about me, then eight people are tagged to write 8 things about themselves. I'm sorry if I pick you.....don't be mad, it's all in good fun!" (Thx to Siobhan!)

1. I read Tarot cards frighteningly well. As a result, I don't read them too often!

2. I find four leaf clovers everywhere all the time. In fact, most people don't believe it until they've witnessed it. Non-believers claim it's just good eyesight, though.

3. I'm extremely empathic. Sometimes it bugs me, because I don't always want to be a giant sponge for other people's feelings.

4. I'm a lucid dreamer. When I become lucid, I tend to ditch whatever dream I'm in, so I can fly. I love flying in my dreams!

5. I'm a Dr. Doolittle.

6. I'm really good at most things artistic (to the point where I've been paid for all kinds of gigs, like drawing, photography, graphic design, jewelrey making, web design, etc.).

7. I have a photographic memory.

8. I'm center-brained.

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