Jun 1, 2007

Why is it...?, Working on a new Song, & the Adventures Begin!

I've been kicking back a bit after a bout of trouble and pain and I'm not really feeling the energy to write much, but my mind won't rest until I jot down a word or two every day whether it's high art or blogging, hence, ergo, and so on...

I've been ponderin' something... Why is it that via the internet I oft find more like-minded souls from other places like Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, & Australia than from America? Don't get me wrong, most of my best friends are American since I am born & bred, but ONLINE when all I have to go is a person's words (and images, musical tastes, etc., but still mostly just words!), I tend to relate more to strangers from other countries than strangers from America. Why?

Oh, also I am working on a new song parody... It's not ready for public consumption yet (needs tweaking), but it's based on the song "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" by the Kinks. Jeremy seems to think that song too obscure for a parody, but if you've heard the song and know the real lyrics, man, I think it's just perfect! That and I'm really kind of getting a kick out of writing song parodies... I've always been a fan of comedians and their parodies, so why not me?

Oh, and, uh...

Floppy Colon wasn't sure what to do. The egg had been released but not hatched. Such a strange event, were it to last, would not be good news for ol' Floppy. Floppy had worked a lot of long years dealing with lactose intolerance and a vegetarian diet... Floppy wasn't ready for an attack, especially an Attack of the Killer Ovaries!!!

Killer Ovary: They call me Righty. Lefty will be here directly.
Floppy: But what do you want?
Killer Ovary: Um. Brains! Wait, no... To feel your pain!
Floppy: Oh. Well, that isn't very nice.
Killer Ovary: Nobody ever said Complex Cyst Ovaries were nice!
Floppy: Um. What?
Killer Ovary: Look! Over there!
(turning): Where?
Killer Ovary
(pulling out katana): Ah ha!
Floppy: Oh, sh...

PS: Boston College is neither in Boston nor is it a College. Discuss. (a penny if you get it --ya ya whatever hun, so I can't spell OR type, lot's of successful writers can't do either, too, either, whatever!)

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