Jun 8, 2007

The Satan Cat video & I stab Jeremy with a Sword

There is a video of a cat in a cage at some sort of vet clinic or animal shelter that is circulating called, Satan Cat."

The person who posted it, adds this disclaimer:

"For all those rude people out there who have nothing better to do other than send me aggressive and offensive emails that call me every name under the sun, I'd appreciate some kind of maturity and common ground of politeness. This is not my cat, I don't know who's it is. I didn't film it, I don't know who did. It is simply a cat in a standard cage in a veterinary clinic, not an example of animal cruelty. Get a grip all those people out there who need to be abusive just to feel better about themselves."

Now, this chick is all aggro because she feels she has the right to share this found footage for whatever reason.

Some agree. Some disagree.

I have conflicting thoughts.

My egghead rational self says, well, yeah, it's not like she filmed it, but -- see there's always a but -- does that matter? She's the one propagating the footage on the internet.

She admits to not knowing who created it, but that's almost worse because that means she has no proof that this cat was actually unharmed.

Even though the cat appears to be in a vet clinic, the fact that someone filmed, uploaded, and shared this video, well, that's the truly disturbing part. Why do we want to see footage of an obviously terrified creature in a cage?

I have rescued 15 cats since I moved to LA.

It breaks down like this:

1. Lucy, SH tortoise shell, rescued from SPCA
2. Comet, SH white, rescued from film location/pet store (ok, it was a pet store, but I still count that as a rescue!)
3. Zoe, LH gray tabby, showed up on back porch as kitten
4. Tiki, SH gray tabby, delivered to porch by Bast (a cat)
5. Satchel, SH black,  ditto
6, 7, 8, 9. Larry, Moe, Curly, & Shemp, DSH tuxedos (first 3), DSH orange (Shemp), ditto but this time because mother cat died
10. Bast, DSH gray tabby, rescue, long story!
11, 12. Alexander & Pharaoh, SH blue-gray & SH silver tabby, respectively, kittens found in back alley
13, 14. Daniel "Dublin" McCoy & Boxer "Belfast" McQueen, SH orange tabbys, ditto
15. Julius, SH orange & white, abandoned pet
16. Mae, SH tuxedo, abandoned pet
17. Sophie, SH tortoise shell, abandoned pet

Twelve of those cats currently reside with me (and my husband, so, no I'm not the crazy cat lady shut up), one is in the process of being introduced to the new colony, two died as kittens, one we found a home for, and the other one escaped the day we brought him home from the vet never to be seen or heard from again.

That broke my heart.

He was Boxer "Belfast" McQueen, twin brother of Daniel "Dublin" McCoy (Who's a good boy? I always say that little rhyme to him, he loves it, gets all roley-poley).

Here they are as babies when I first saw them:

Boxer was one tough cookie. He tore up my hands to a bloody mess, poor little guy, because he was terrified when I caught him and brought him to the vet to get a snap test and get snipped.

I imagine he would have looked exactly like the Satan Cat while he was at the vet.

In fact, Satan Cat looks an awful like an older Boxer. How would I know? I still have his brother, Dublin, who, while they were similar in many ways, had smaller eyes and less vibrant color.

Boxer had the big round eyes and vivid orange fur, like Satan Cat.

Here's Dublin now.

And here's a link to the cat video: MySpace Satan Cat

So, yeah, I lost my steam (had a little spasm in my side just now that was rather unpleasant), so I'm gonna sign off simply asking, what do you think? Is it wrong for someone to post found footage of a terrified animal in a cage? What does it prove? What's the point? Is it funny? Not to me, I find it disturbing and not in a good, Slithery fun way either, but maybe I'm a tad biased.

What would you do with such footage if you found it? Would you upload it to your MySpace page to proudly display? If so, why?

I'm just curious. *shrug*


PS: I really don't feel like editing this, so, sorry if I have typos... I'm pooped. Oh, and if you were disturbed by that video, you can watch a silly one I uploaded a few days ago of us playing with the cats (and me stabbing Jeremy with a sword) to clean your palate.

Ninja Kat

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