Jun 15, 2007

A Q&A with Joe Matt & the Gunner

Jeremy delighted me with a trip to Skylights Books for a Q&A with Joe Matt & James Gunn. It was great seeing James again, as I hadn't seen him for a billion years and it was especially great to see his lovely wife out and about! (She is a sweetheart!)

The actual setting was nice and informal. A couple rows of folding chairs filled with folks overflowing to standing room only. Nice turn out! James acted as MC, so to speak, and asked some funny, smart questions to help Joe open up. I found myself fascinated by Joe Matt. Such an intriguing fella!

Afterwards I decided to stick around and wait in line to get my book signed... Upon recommendation by James, not only did I pick up Spent, but also The Poor Bastard. (Afterwards Jenna recommended Peepshow, so I'll have to get that next.)

It was really fun and casual and cool... I felt a kindred spirit in Joe Matt, which may sound odd, but I did. I think I approach my writing similarly...

Anyhoo! Picture time! (All camera phone low quality... I was unprepared for photo ops, lol.)

Is that not awesome? Joe Matt, you have a new fan thanks to James, Jenna, & Jeremy! (Oh, that's wicked weird, dude... Joe, James, Jenna, & Jeremy??? Alliterationationation!)

And last but not least, I had to get crazy with the Platypus!

Phew! What a fun night! Now off to fix Floppy & post Episode 2 (after taking a new MySpace profile pic for a friend, lol, vanity is thy name).

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