Jun 5, 2007

Need to vent about Judge Judy dissing education!

She's on the tv in the background, by accident, and I just overheard her tell a young female STUDENT to "get a job."

Excuse me?

YOU are a JUDGE! Do not tell young women with children (and free lodging & childcare) to drop out of school and get a job!!!!


Have we not evolved beyond such stupid advice? Education is EVERYTHING these days. Just try getting a job without it!

Stupid Judge. Totally out of touch with the cold harsh reality of life as she cashes her checks at the bank.

"What people do when they have babies is get a job."

She just said that.

I'm peeved. SO peeved. She really should NOT be saying such things on national television!

PS: She just said -- to the young woman -- that there are better ways of showing her affections than by having a baby (so, what she should have an abortion? give it up for adoption? hand it over to Angie?)  WHAT?!?!? Judge Judy needs to be OFF the air NOW! She is poisoning the minds of the fools her watch her show! We will have a nation of ignorant youths with crappy jobs and no education just believing every darn stupid word they hear on TV (including Paris' tragic jail tale, 'cause who cares about soldiers dying and stuff, right?). Oh, yeah, I love America right now. (Considering cashing in on my Canadian ancestry... My grandpa was born & bred in Canada, can I cash in? I'm serious.)

PPS: Just flipped to Republican debate. I don't know which is worse.

PPPS: Mitt Romney, "I fought for Life." Isn't that a contradiction of terms? Yo, Mitt, check this out: A real BDH

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