Jun 15, 2007

I have ANOTHER cyst & Dance Crazy Dance video

So, I had another doctor's appointment yesterday as a follow up to see if the complex cyst in my right ovary is going away. The good news is: the cyst in my right ovary is gone. The bad news is: I have one in my left ovary now. Had an ultrasound today that showed it... 2mm. At least it's half the size of the other one, but still... wtf? Why does my body keep doing this? I'm on my fourth cyst. Ugh.

See, here's how it works in the simplest terms: Every month when an egg is produced so are follicles. These follicles are "functional cysts" (I think) in that they are normal and shed with everything else during the menstrual cycle. However, sometimes it doesn't all run smoothly and either a simple or complex cyst can form in there instead.

Did I mention I'm on my fourth? So, that's been 2 simple and 2 complex. This one should pass easier than the last, but still... It hurts like fucking hell. So, you know, if you feel so inclined, a little positive healing energy in your prayers would be most welcome!

Western medicine can only do so much and I refuse to pop more pills. (There are better ways to heal and manage pain like acupuncture and herbs, so that's the route I'm taking next... Course I'll still go to my doc cause I'm waiting on lab results...)

So, yeah, not a wicked happy camper here, but remaining positive, I am!

And now here is Jeremy, ahem, "dancing."

Dance Crazy Dance

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