Feb 14, 2007

I totally talked to Joel Schumacher tonight!

A friend invited me to the LA premiere of Number 23... Man, the line to get in was WAY too long! Oh well... It ended up being a pretty cool evening. I enjoyed the film immensely! Then afterwards I lingered by the entrance as I watched Joel mingle... Then he turned to get into his limo. I thought, "Shit! I gotta do something to get his attention!" So, I just sort of stared at him until I made eye contact and then I shot him a huge grin and waved. (I'm such a dork!) Anyhoo, he stops, smiles, and starts walking up to me. He was so charming! Very polite and funny. I told him I thought the film was "lovely." Lovely?!? Can you imagine? Yes, that thriller I just saw with sex, death, and obsession, yeah, Joel, that was lovely. I'm a nut. So, he goes, "Lovely?" And gives me the craziest look. And I go, "I mean I loved it!" Haha, yeah, nice try. But he came over anyway, asked my name, and proceeded to tell me how much he respected my daring to smoke* outside the theater especially since the new MPAA thing about making films R-rated if they have anyone smoking in them. Crazy! Anyhoo, that was an interesting experience I doubt I'll ever forget. He was so humble and real and just centered. I would love to work for someone like him. Anyway, yeah, it was a cool night. My highlight had been simply watching Mr. Schumacher give his speech prior to the screening, but, nope, meeting him definitely far surpassed that! So, yeah, what was the movie about? I forget.

(*I'm not really a smoker but I will partake in social settings, ok, Family?)

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