Dec 28, 2005

Rant: Being Sick Sucks

On the way back from Portland I started feeling ill and it just keeps getting worse. I'm in Mass now and, granted, the below freezing weather doesn't much help, but it's been days, I've taken antibiotics, vitamins, and every conceivable cold medicine you can think of and I'm still sick! In fact, I feel somewhat sicker in some ways... My cold symptoms seem to be wanning, but I think I'm having flu like symptoms now because my stomache feels queasy and my head feels dizzy. Argh, this sucks. Can't I just wake up and feel good for a change???

Dec 22, 2005

Webmistress: New mp3s site now officially launched!

With all the success of I decided to give it a go with my second favorite band: NIN. Thus, the new was officially launched today! It is still very much in its embryonic phase, but I have uploaded the first mp3; a cover of Queen's "Get Down Make Love." (I figured I'd start off with my favorite cover and deal with figuring out what constitutes a NIN rarity later, lol.) Enjoy!

Photo: Dublin the Kitty

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Dec 20, 2005

Photo: Beautiful sky on way to Portland

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To blue sky in like ten minutes.

Photo: Snow on way to Portland

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From winter wonder land to...

U2: Portland was amazing!

Yay!!! It was like a big ole party! Saw sooo many familiar faces -- all of us diehards. The twins got pulled up and I was so happy for them. Heck, if someone asked me who I would have chosen for the last US show, it would have been them in a heart beat. I just love those girls to death. Amazing. I got some great shots and *drum roll* video! Will post once I'm back in (warmer!!!) Los Angeles.

What a night! What a show! What a tour! I love U2!

Dec 16, 2005

Life: Portland, Portland, Portland! I can’t wait to get there!

Y’know why? Coz then I’ll not be frazzled, not have to drive for 16 hours, not have to do laundry, pack, worry, yada… Of course, I chose to buy a Portland ticket ages ago, so I shouldn’t complain, but I’ve had a rough coupla weeks, man.

I really need this concert. I really need to emerge myself in one last U2 show, surround myself with good friends, good music, and good times.

Then I have to drive back, unpack, do laundry again, re-pack, and fly to Massachusetts for the holidays! Ack!

It’s a good thing my Mum booked a flight on the 24th and not the 22nd or I'd never have been able to do Portland. I really needed the bumper of a couple days just in case… You just never know with weather, cars, etc. Anything can go wrong!

Ok, getting ahead of myself… Just need to focus on one day at a time. Today: Pack! Tomorrow: drive! And so on…

As a side note, I have like, seriously, about 10 loads of laundry that I need to do. I haven’t really done done laundry since I went to Ohio in March. Sure I’ve washed a handful here and there for various events and such, like my favorites items, but not the whole shebang. I have way too many clothes. It’s insane. And, the scary thing is, I still have a closet and a bureau full of clothes, not to mention one large suitcase full of clean clothes. Man, I am a clothes freak! Oi vey!

Well, back to the day… Gotta get a lot of stuff done today, including an oil change. Bah, I need a money fairy. U2 has broken me this year. (But I still love ‘em.)

Dec 13, 2005

News: Tookie Williams & LA riots?

Well, we’re getting nervous now. We were told not too long ago that LA is on red alert, so to speak, for a possible riot due to Tookie Williams death sentence to be carried out at 12:01 am. We were told that the police will try to keep it below Olympic and Adams and that it shouldn’t reach K-town, though it has in the past. I wasn’t here for Rodney King, so I don’t know what to expect or if they are making a mountain out of a mole hill. I guess only time will tell. Right now, we’re 2 minutes away. Goodness.