Nov 25, 2005

Life: Mae is spayed, the penicillin is working, and my heart is broken...

So, I brought Mae home from the vet. She’s FIV free, caught up on shots, & will no longer want to make babies. She really needs a home. She just can’t live here. The other cats don’t want her.

My oozing bruise is getting better, but the penicillin is knocking me on my ass. It’s 1000 mg twice daily. Man, I just had no idea that an antibiotic could knock me out faster than Nyquil.

As for my heart, I won’t be telling you about that. This blog is totally public. If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed I deleted a bunch of stuff. This blog was always meant to be a tad vanilla and so it shall remain, despite briefly deviating.

So, if you’re reading this to find out how I’m really feeling, well, you just won’t find that here and my LJ is friend’s only.

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