Nov 16, 2005

Creative Writing: Crazy

A Poem Called “Crazy”

I was sitting here thinking that I would like to post a poem to my blog since I have not posted any creative writing in awhile. So, I cruised through my “words” folder to see if I could find anything I felt like sharing when I noticed the title “Crazy” and could not, for the life of me, recall writing it. I opened it up, read it, and am oddly blown away by how apropos it is for me right now despite the fact that I wrote it more than a decade ago, so here goes:

I hear the mice
chewing on my thoughts
while bugs
eat my love.
Covered with dust
I’m six feet under
the ground I walk on;
I can’t see anyone
But they see me.

I know I’m not crazy
Yeah, I know I’m not crazy

Even though,
the sky is red
and my blood, blue;
Salty waves splash on my cheeks.
I feel tired,
But I can’t sleep.
I feel hungry,
So I devour some ice cream.
I feel sick,
So I drink some coffee.
There’s a void in me
I must fill.

I know I’m not crazy
Yeah, I know I’m not crazy

But sometimes
When the TV picture fuzzes out
I see your face
painted red
When I hear the crash of an atomic bomb
I hear your wicked laugh
echoing in my head
When I read Burroughs
you are the words
that I dread.

I know I’m not crazy
Yeah I know I’m not crazy
But sometimes I feel like I am
When I think of you...


For good and bad, life has been nothing but pure synchronicity for me over the last several days and just keeps getting more surreal yet perfect, more right as each new day passes. I so love it! I feel so, well, as they say in Boston, wicked awesome right now it is crazy! (No pun intended, really.)

It’s 4:19 am. I’m drinking a Cherry Coke and snacking on peanut butter. Rosemary Clooney blares through my speakers and I feel like dancing. How’d my day turn around so fast? Ah, better not to question it, eh? Just go with the flow, baby, and enjoy the ride. Life is too short for pettiness and I have big things to do! Let go. Let Go. LET GO!

My meeting was canceled for tomorrow, but it may be fortuitous. Jer’s out of town, I have the place to myself, and I can clean without interruption. Today alone, I attacked the cats’ corner and kitchen and I feel ten fold better about my environment. So, what of the big things? Well, “they” say that one’s environment greatly effects one’s mind, plus the holidays are ever approaching, not to mention the end of the 3rd leg (U2 Vertigo Tour 2005), so now is the time to focus on the external preparedness and just get that done with so that I’m fresh for the next level. Yay! I can’t wait! (Well, ok, I can wait, as I’ve things to do, but you get my drift, I hope. Live in the now, babe) Oh, phone’s ringing, gotta go. I’m rambling anyway, lol.

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Jodi said...

Reading this may have actually inspired me to work in my "environment" a bit. I've definitely let it go and it's definitely affecting me in a negative way!