Oct 22, 2005

Randomness: Im feeling very Pop.

I’m feeling very Pop today. Dark and moody undercurrents dressed up in a fancy suit. Almost finished downloading three U2 torrents. Drives me nuts when users don’t configure their firewalls for P2P. I’m sitting here downloading for 3 days one file because two out of three users are blocked. Argh. It’s not that hard to fix. Heck, if you can figure out BitTorrent you should be able to figure out your own firewall and ports.


In other news, I recently discovered a brand spanking new online calendar that is the answer to my dreams… Introducing Planzo! (You can view my calendar via the event blurb located towards the top of my sidebar.) Awhile ago I went surfing the internet to find the perfect online calendar. I was unhappy with Yahoo’s calendar because I felt it wasn’t versatile enough. I wanted more control.

Then I discovered Calendars Net, but it was difficult to use, took long to load, and was just terribly ugly. Recently one of my U2//Mp3s.Com members pointed out a cool interactive map, Frapper, for members of a group to share their locations with each other. (It’s one of those things that us message board users enjoy because we’re usually all over the world and it’s neat to see all the little red flags everywhere… Kind of humbling.) Anyway, I checked out Frapper’s main site, Rising Concepts, which is where I saw Planzo.

The calendar is incredibly “user friendly.” You need not be a computer guru just to use it. It’s easy to read and navigate. You just hover over the period on the calendar in which you want to add an event, click, type, hit return and voila! You’re done. There’s also a notebook feature that could be used as a blog or just a place to jot things down, as well as the ever indispensable “to do” feature. I love this addition because lists are my life! My favorite aspect of “to do” is how quickly I can use it. I found Yahoo’s version more time-consuming to use than necessary.

Planzo is everything I wanted in an online calendar and more because it has a little “get to know me” kind of section in the sidebar. My one complaint would be that accessing community features seems under-developed, but it is still in Beta.

Planzo is the kind of site I want all my friends and family to be on so we can plan get-togethers, keep in touch, and generally know where each other is at. It’s a good thing.


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