Oct 18, 2005

Randomness: I went to the gym today.

God that sounds so LA. "I went to the gym." Ha.
But I did.
And I liked it.
*Shock* *Horror*
I used to work out in my apartment, but now it's too messy to do that.
So, I'm contemplating handing money over to some random corporation so I can walk in one place for 20 minutes a day.
Our culture is so bass ackwards.
Then I went to see Domino at Mann's Chinese with my friend Kevin. I liked it, but I think Oliver Stone would've done a better job with it than Tony Scott did.
But... Any which way around, I just like seeing cool chicks kick ass. (And I secretly wish I could, too.)
Kevin told me I look like Chloe from 24. I'm not a fan of that comment.
But, then again... He's short and bald, so why should I care? HA! (You reading this, Kev? Ah, you know I luv ya!)
Alrighty then, off to bed, but first - a quick game of Big Kahuna Reef (I'm so darn addicted to these "match 3" games... It's sick, sick I tell ya!)
PS: I'm gonna make myself a T-shirt that says: I'm just a dorky white chick from New England. (Thanks K. He should have a shirt that just says: Got Pulse? Muahahahaha!)

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