Oct 15, 2005

Life: Black Ennui

I got sick of the pink - plain and simple. Which is not to say that I dislike pink. I *love* pink. But sometimes, with blogs, too much color can just bug me. So, I decided to go with either simple black or simple white and for right now black white won.

In other news... I'm bored out of my gourd. The boy's on Clerks 2 5 days a week and plans to do *nothing* on the weekends but lounge. I don't blame him - he's working a lot, but I need to get out and do stuff. I had been hoping to go see Gary Baseman's art in Pasadena but I seem to have no one available to come with. Blargh. Thing is, I only want to go because I actually met Gary at Starbucks and, to put it bluntly, he was cool as shit. I also want to have a Margarita at Cat & Fiddle... Or maybe a glass of Shiraz. I need a platonic boyfriend to go out with, but LA is just not like NYC or Boston in that arena. Too many people here are either completely jaded or just out looking for connections, angling everything. Well, I ain't jaded and I ain't got no connections for anyone but myself (as of yet). Oh well! And next week the boy will be staying down in OC at a Days Inn all week. I want to have a party. I need to clean first... But how much fun would that be? Won't happen, tho. I just do not have enough time to clean up that much.

Y'know what I really wanna do? I want to go see The Fog. I need some good dumb fun and some popcorn.

The one good thing I can say about today is... *drum roll, please* I bought myself the Leather iPod Case by Coach. So freaken cool!!! I absolutely adore it! here, look:

New Coach iPod case in black

Cool, huh? yeah....

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