Oct 25, 2005

Celebrity: Clerks 2 - Silent Bob Dies?

Forever Silent
Originally uploaded by U2Mel.

Yeah, so I was procrastinating and began mindlessly surfing the various blogs I link to when I landed on Kevin Smith's video blog about the making of Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks and this whole big hoopla over an accidentally leaked major plot point via some storyboards. Well, me being the ever curious one, I had to find the original footage, so I trekked on over to a Torrent site (that I found via Digg.com) to DL the mpeg, watched the whole thing, and caught this, like, millisecond glimpse of a non-blurred image (some of the conversation in the video was bleeped and some footage was blurred, I guess, to keep the secret). Well, when it comes to working with audio/video files, I'm big into minutia, so I did a frame by frame, then trimmed to selection, and exported the image sequence (love Quicktime Pro) and got the attached image. It's the only real clue. The characters are at a funeral. Jay is crying. Then there's a slow tilt down this blurred out statue that stops and moves in on the blurred out text, which is "Forever Silent." Cool, huh? (In the end I used a "Print Screen" capture instead... Yeah, I know I'm a dork. Get over it.)

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