Sep 17, 2005

Photo: Jet @ Inland Invasion

A Picture Share!
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Anonymous said...
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Irma said...

Melissa, were you really that close? We'll talk more this week.

Melissa St. Hilaire said...

omg, Irma, yes! I nudged my way up to the front for all the bands I really wanted to see. It was a miracle! ;D

I got some great shots of Liam, too. His arrogance knows no bounds and I love it.

We must do coffee and chat. I've interesting stories to tell you. ;-)

Irma said...

Sounds like a plan. STARBUCKS!!!!!! Twins will be back by tonight. Friday, evening? We'll text message each other! Check Ana's schedule too. Maybe she can join us.

Melissa St. Hilaire said...

Friday sounds purrfect! I call Anna-Banana. :)