Sep 19, 2005

Life: I Feel Like Death.

Man, am I getting too old for all day concerts? Nah, couldn't be. There were people twice my age at that thing. Phew. Mayhaps I need to eat better. Damn. Note to self: For U2 binge (2 LA, 2 Las Vegas, 2 Oakland, 1 SLC, & 1 Portland) make sure to get on a steady nutritious diet, exercise daily, and totally detox the system. Oh! And plenty of rest in comfortable environments! Which means, when crashing at Hector's in Santa Cruz -- or anywhere else -- bring a warm blanket and sleeping bag! Speaking of, I should prolly zip an e-mail off to Hector to make sure he'll be in town. I know he's going to Greece soon... Oh, I would love to join him on that trip, but I have a lot of work to do before I can take international vacations. *kicks self in butt* I need a cheerleader (of sorts). I need someone with whom I can work on my writing who supports me (emotionally, mentally) and believes in me. I can do it myself and I will, but sometimes it would just be nice to share the journey with a true friend -- someone I can see often -- who isn't riding your coattails, rather just on a sort of parallel journey... One in which you help each other via respect and positive energy... I may have had that, but, well, the heart does silly things... I'd fall in love with the sky if it could help me to fly.

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