Sep 23, 2005

Film: Star Wars - Empire of Dreams

Off and on for several years of my life I have had the thought that I was born the wrong time flash through my head. There are aspects of the Victorian era I wish I could've experienced. Then there are concepts of the future like, civilian space travel, that I wish I could partake in. Then there were smaller shifts, like, man, I wish I could've experienced the sixties or been born into the current high tech world with a pacifier in one hand and an iPod in the other. However, there is one fairly simple reason why I know I was born at precisely the right time: Star Wars. The original Star Wars, that is. I was just of the right age to experience A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Three of the best films ever made on many levels. Had I been born any later I may have missed Star Wars, but thankfully I was born at the right time and the seed was planted. Star Wars changed the industry for
the better and I will be able to tell stories better because of it.
Thanks George.


Anonymous said...
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Irma said...

I, too, am a STAR WARS junkie. I use the nephew as my excuse.