Aug 14, 2005

Songwriting: Words in my head....

So, I've been haunted with these words floating around in my head. Sometimes they become dialogue for a scene, sometimes poetry, but every once in awhile they want to be songs. I have never studied music, so I don't technically know how to write songs. The ones I have written started out as more rigid poetry and evolved in the process of recording them and mixing in layers of music... But this one is really bugging me. It's sort of an 'unrequited love' theme, which can so easily turn into utter cheese. (Ha, see if I had written "udder cheese" that would've been an interesting pun, eh? I'm odd. I know this.) Anyhoo, I have the beginning verse type bit, then a chorus bit, then a shortened verse, chorus with a twist, then re-verse from the first half of the first verse, which I feel should go into a slightly altered second half of the first verse that really exposes the anguish... That's the part where I hit the wall. Bam. Writing can be like riding a bicycle with no hands down a hill -- so freeing & exhilarating -- then you run over a twig or rock, go flying over the handlebars, and pound your head into the
pavement -- that would be the wall or block writer's often get. Sometimes they can last for months, even years, I get short doses of blocks, like a week here, or a day or two there... Man, I really need some inspiration. I'm going to go try to seek out dolphins in Malibu this week. I wonder what time would be best to see them? Early morning or early evening? :-\

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