Aug 4, 2005

Randomness: Horrorscopes?

Sometimes it scare me how dead on these can be...

February 18 - March 19
Too much stress and tension from overwork could have you feeling a little under the weather today, dear Pisces. Still, you might feel obligated to get busy and take care of chores around the house in spite of being tired, but you really can let them go! You need some rest, and your health is more important than keeping your house in perfect order. Find a good book and catch up on your reading. You'll feel better tomorrow.

That's from my U2Mel MSN page. I was awoken today by a knock at the door. Dragon Lady (aka the manager's wife) wanted to see my bathroom because there's a leak in the basement. Well, I've been complaining about said leak for over a year and was told that to fix it was too costly for the building owners. Ha! So, whatever, she makes remarks on the (not so) cleanliness of my apartment, which was kind of a blow because I've been working hard to keep it clean and force Jeremy to not recreate his messes over and over everywhere (though he is slipping again -- I should post pics off his mess around the coffee table -- it just grows!).

Anyhoo, that got me all stressed out, not to mention the "cats" -- whole other issue I'd rather not elaborate on... Phew! STRESSFUL!

So, I did some quick cleaning in the entryway, but all I want to do is finish reading Mardras on Rainy Days. *sigh*

In other news, you may have noticed that I worked a little on my sidebar... Added more friends and, in doing so, thought I'd add some celebrity blogs that I had bookmarked. Too funny. You really should read them sometime. RuPaul cracks me up!

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