Aug 1, 2005

Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop = slow (why?)

Adobe Photoshop is running really slowly on the PC. And I don't mean rendering time; that's actually running as quickly and smoothly as ever. No, what I mean is just simply things like switching from tool to another, especially eye dropper, and switching from one layer to another. It's most odd and not something I've ever encountered before (and I've been PS since 4.0 on both PC & Mac!)... So, what to do?

If anyone out there in the world ever reads this blog and has thoughts on the matter, well, I'm quite open to advice.

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mp3 said...

Hi, Melissa, I am a digital artist, perhaps I can give you some hints about Photoshop, nothing you don't already know: when PS works slow 90% of the time it is because it is running out of ram, both physical ram and "preferences" ram. Check your preference for "memory" assigned to Photoshop. Play with different values. Add more ram to your computer if you need to. And never open other programs while you are using Photoshop. If you need more help let me know.