Jul 23, 2005

Life: Boxer Escaped

I'm very upset. So upset I'm too numb to feel. Brought the twins, Daniel Dublin & Boxer Belfast, to the vet to get fixed. When they were ready to be picked up, the people at the vet's put them in separate carriers out of fear that they'd wrestle or something. Well, the carrier they put Boxer, the one I explicitly explained was still partially feral, was the shoddiest damn thing... But I thought he was so doped up, or so they told me, that he'd be fine... Well, wrong. J helped me carry the boys in from the car. When J was trying to unlock the front door, somehow the carrier fell apart and Boxer ran off... Anyhoo... I've set the old trap and have been keeping vigilance. Poor Daniel is miserable without his brother. He keeps crying at the window. I've romped around the back alleys a couple times and saw him once after following the sounds of a cat fight. Though I was unable to catch Boxer, at least I got the Tom away from him. I hope he finds his way back to the porch and I hope he's not too savvy to figure out that the container the food is in is a trap. I'm so worried about him... He needs rest and cleanliness after such a surgery... What do I do now aside from wait and hope?
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