Jul 14, 2005

Life: Another day slips by...

Man, I dislike being on the DL! Phew! I took my antibiotic last night hoping I could wake early and not deal with the side effects of the medicine so that I could tend to some business. Boy was I wrong! That fool stuff kept me up tossing and turning and spinning and so on all night long. I don't know what time I finally crashed, but I slept straight through my 8:30 am and my 9:00 am alarms, as well as several phonecalls, a completely full answering machine beeping non-stop, and whatever else happened throughout the day until almost 5:00 pm! And I'm still feeling lightheaded, if you can believe it. This stuff is wicked strong. Too strong... but it's working and I guess that's what's important. Wouldn't want to go and get my finger amputated, now would I? (She said, trying to convince herself to keep taking the foul medicine, lol.)

Anyhoo, I've missed two days of writing my cathartic stream-of-conscious morning pages and I can already feel the effect of not doing them. They really help to clear the mind of nonsense so I can get on with my day. It's such a great exercise and not even just for writers. It just purges the mind of potentially negative thoughts that can bring you down, burden you during the day. I feel lighter on my toes and quicker in my actions when I do those morning pages... hopefully I'll get myself back on track tomorrow morning. In the mean time, I suppose I could work on some other cathartic exercises from The Artist's Way. It really is a great book... As my mentor said to me just moments ago, don't think, just do. This book will help me accomplish this, as well as the Kundalini Yoga, by golly!

Y'know, my whole life people always told me I was too smart for my own good and that I thought too much. I never truly understood what that meant until now... fascinating, hah?

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