Jul 31, 2005

Photo: Cat & Fiddle drunk dance

A Picture Share!, originally uploaded by m220.
Crazy drunk girl at Cat & Fiddle live jazz night.

Photo: hand in trunk

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Can you see the hand?

Rant: printing, printing, PRINTING!!!!!!!

Why does it always take WAY longer than you think?

(You don't really have to answer that. It's sort of a rhetorical question/vent.)


(Tension breaker. Had to be done.)

Creative Writing: In the Now > Melissa Renee Saint-Hilaire | CafePress

Look! I *finally* published my book! Woohoo!

Now to deal with marketing...

In the Now > Melissa Renee Saint-Hilaire | CafePress

Jul 30, 2005

Creative Writing: Publishing with Cafe Press

It isn't until I find myself in a position where I have to really dig deep into a program that I sometimes find I actually know nothing about it. Consider publishing with Cafe Press. One must not only convert a Word file to PDF (typically an easy venture), but also embed the proper fonts, create the proper size, etc. etc.

Man, it's a pain.

But I'm determined to proceed with exposing all my true inner talents (?) with the world. I've already created an online outlet for my musical expression, albeit covert. Now to fill the "need to publish a novel" void, which shall be blatantly me, lol.

Stay tuned...

Jul 29, 2005

Photo: Garrett Bussiere of the 2005 Chatham A's

Y'know how I kept mentioning the Cape Cod Baseball League, the Chatham A's, & certain players? Yeah, well, this is Garrett, the catcher of the Chatham A's. He started out doing well, came into the league with great stats, but current reports (from my Mum in Plymouth) claim he's not having a good run now... Bummer. He's got this light around him... I even told him so, he prolly thought I was a nut, but anyway, he's got this confidence and charm that really works on the field. I could totally see him in the Majors. Get yer act together, kiddo! I got my eyes on you!

Jul 27, 2005

Audio: eeeeeeeeeeeerie!

Saturn sounds like a jungle haunted by gigantic insects.... I love it!



Randomness: Dancin' Queen

I just danced like a maniac around my desk blaring "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas. It was very liberating. I highly recommend it. Provided, that is, you work from home. Otherwise, you might get fired. And that would suck.

Jul 23, 2005

Life: Boxer Escaped

I'm very upset. So upset I'm too numb to feel. Brought the twins, Daniel Dublin & Boxer Belfast, to the vet to get fixed. When they were ready to be picked up, the people at the vet's put them in separate carriers out of fear that they'd wrestle or something. Well, the carrier they put Boxer, the one I explicitly explained was still partially feral, was the shoddiest damn thing... But I thought he was so doped up, or so they told me, that he'd be fine... Well, wrong. J helped me carry the boys in from the car. When J was trying to unlock the front door, somehow the carrier fell apart and Boxer ran off... Anyhoo... I've set the old trap and have been keeping vigilance. Poor Daniel is miserable without his brother. He keeps crying at the window. I've romped around the back alleys a couple times and saw him once after following the sounds of a cat fight. Though I was unable to catch Boxer, at least I got the Tom away from him. I hope he finds his way back to the porch and I hope he's not too savvy to figure out that the container the food is in is a trap. I'm so worried about him... He needs rest and cleanliness after such a surgery... What do I do now aside from wait and hope?

Jul 22, 2005

Photo: The Dogs of Larchmont #5

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Staffordshire Terrier

This is Bella. She got a very special treat today. She met Matt Keesler who was very nice to her. I think she might have a little crush now.

Photo: The Dogs of Larchmont #4

A Picture Share!, originally uploaded by m220.
Cocker Spaniel


Photo: The Dogs of Larchmont #3

A Picture Share!, originally uploaded by m220.
Black Lab


Photo: The Dogs of Larchmont #2

A Picture Share!, originally uploaded by m220.
Toy Fox Terrier


Photo: The Dogs of Larchmont #1

A Picture Share!, originally uploaded by m220.
Chinese Crested Hairless


Jul 21, 2005

In Memoriam: The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker, originally uploaded by drp.
Will miss you Scotty...

Jul 18, 2005

Randomness: Anyone wanna come to Santa Barbara with me?

My Dad's coming out here on business. This will be the first time he's been out here in California since before I moved here! I'm hoping to catch up with him, though it's fairly late notice. He arrives later today and is staying through Thursday. I'm thinking my car will make the drive. I hope. Unless anyone wants to, ahem, drive me there, lol.

Jul 14, 2005

Life: Another day slips by...

Man, I dislike being on the DL! Phew! I took my antibiotic last night hoping I could wake early and not deal with the side effects of the medicine so that I could tend to some business. Boy was I wrong! That fool stuff kept me up tossing and turning and spinning and so on all night long. I don't know what time I finally crashed, but I slept straight through my 8:30 am and my 9:00 am alarms, as well as several phonecalls, a completely full answering machine beeping non-stop, and whatever else happened throughout the day until almost 5:00 pm! And I'm still feeling lightheaded, if you can believe it. This stuff is wicked strong. Too strong... but it's working and I guess that's what's important. Wouldn't want to go and get my finger amputated, now would I? (She said, trying to convince herself to keep taking the foul medicine, lol.)

Anyhoo, I've missed two days of writing my cathartic stream-of-conscious morning pages and I can already feel the effect of not doing them. They really help to clear the mind of nonsense so I can get on with my day. It's such a great exercise and not even just for writers. It just purges the mind of potentially negative thoughts that can bring you down, burden you during the day. I feel lighter on my toes and quicker in my actions when I do those morning pages... hopefully I'll get myself back on track tomorrow morning. In the mean time, I suppose I could work on some other cathartic exercises from The Artist's Way. It really is a great book... As my mentor said to me just moments ago, don't think, just do. This book will help me accomplish this, as well as the Kundalini Yoga, by golly!

Y'know, my whole life people always told me I was too smart for my own good and that I thought too much. I never truly understood what that meant until now... fascinating, hah?

Photo: Day 3 - Cat Bite

Day 3: Cat Bite
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PS: I promise to post non-gross stuff soon... I still want to rave over the Cape Cod Baseball League (and a few of its 2005 bright stars like Jared Hughes, Garrett Bussiere, and Whit Robbins). I also am thinking of making more necklaces... I've already completed my initial goal and will take some pics to post some time this week... Can I just say, I am damn talented! ;-)

Jul 10, 2005

U2: My Gennyration

This is a very cool blog created by the crew on U2's European leg. Lovin' it!

Jul 9, 2005

Life: London, Live 8, & Life...

I've got so much swimming around in my head... Just watched U2's *complete* set from Live 8 on VH-1... Started crying during the One speech... Also found out last night that the wife of the only salesperson in England for my Step-Dad's company, Imprivata, was on the bus that was blown up... She's injured, but alive, thank God... But it was a huge reminder of just how small this world is, just how closely we are all connected... So why can't we get it together?

Jul 8, 2005

Life: Back in LA

Well, I'm back home to my lovely apartment... Boy, men just don't clean, do they? lol

Anyhoo, I gotta get back into the swing of things. I've turned my schedule back around, so one down, 5 billion other things to go!

Jul 7, 2005

Photo: Logan

Waiting at the airport, They confiscated my necklace making tool.. I guess pinching little beads is a possible threat. *shrug*

Jul 5, 2005

Photo: Hammock

A Picture Share!, originally uploaded by m220.

Jul 1, 2005

U2: I'm in a U2 article!

So my friend Anna just called me from LA. She's reading the U2 article in MOJO magazine where the interviewer mentions a couple fans outside the Glendale Arena who yell to Bono as they drive quickly by on a runner to the airplane... She knows it's me mentioned because there were only two of us out there and the interviewer quoted us and she knows what I call Bono. Too funny!

I'm going to scan in the article once I get it & then do a quick write up in my U2 Modblog. (I'll edit this with the link when it's ready).

Cool, huh? ;-)