Jun 30, 2005

Jun 28, 2005

Randomness: Beads!

Man, over the last couple of days, I have gone bead crazy. I started with a handful of black freshwater pearls and now I've got strands of citrine, peridot, amethyst, coral, and sky blue quartz to use for necklaces. Then I bought various decorative beads and the proper tools with which to actually make the necklaces. All very pretty, but now I just need to find the time to sit and string them all. But I'm being carted off to Newport, RI tomorrow to photograph the mansions and then I'm to be dropped off at my dad's to help prepare for the big family reunion this July 4th. Perhaps they'll be some time in between chatting with family I barely know, floating in the pool, and munching on veggie dogs... ;-)

Photo: Plymouth Harbor

Plymouth Harbor, MA

Jun 26, 2005

Life: So many pictures, so little text!

I've been so busy I haven't had much time to write at all, but, as you can see, I've been able to send in some pics from my phone, lol. I guess it's just easier to aim, shoot, and send than type with a phone. Ack.

Right now I'm back at my Mum's house in historic Plymouth, MA. We'll be traveling to Portsmouth, NH tomorrow and Newport, RI the day after, then I'm off to my Dad's in Westborough, MA for the family reunion. (One word: Pool!)

Man, it is hot as hell here. I'd forgotten how much muggier summer is in New England than in Southern California.

Oh, another quick thing before I log off for another indeterminable amount of time, I am absolutely in love with watching the Cape Cod League baseball games. So Americana, so down-to-earth, so much fun! After seeing several of the teams, I've decided my favorite team for 2005 is the Chatham A's followed closely by the Wareham Gatemen. (I'll get more into my favorite players like, Garrett Bussiere, later on.)

Jun 17, 2005

Photo: strawberries


Photo: funny little statue

Johnny Appleseed

Life: Blah... (EST)

There's a Fez hat and a camel Beanie baby on top of the monitor for the computer I'm using. I find that amusing. It's cold & rainy outside in Plymouth, MA. Yuck. There was a heatwave right up until I arrived. Ha! Oh well... Went to an Outlet Mall off 6A & saw a bazillion things I wanted to buy but couldn't... Someday... In other news, I think my hair looks really good. Oh yeah, and I wrote two scenes and one song on the plane ride. I think it was the most productive experience I've ever had flying! Kinda cool.

Jun 14, 2005

News: Tsunami Warning... What to do?

Click here to see the massive red orange square representing the recent earthquake off the coast of California.

So, we've been issued a tsunami warning because there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Northern California in between Cresecent City and Eureka. At two blocks away from Western Blvd near Wilshire Blvd, are we safe? Most likely, but if there were a tsunami to hit coastal California, my God, the damage. It's unfathomable.

And here I am preparing to fly out of LAX tomorrow afternoon... That is, if there still is an LAX.


Insomnia: 102

It's almost 6 am. I leave for Massachusetts on Wednesday and I still have to pack, do laundry, mail out some CDs/DVDs, and generally tie up lose ends (especially with U2//MP3s) because I'll be gone for nearly 20 days. That's a loooong time for me -- at this point in my life. And, as a result, I am unable to sleep. What a surprise. Not. Too much to do, too little time, and I torture myself with insomnia, which only messes with my limited time. Ah well... And so it goes.

Jun 13, 2005

Insomnia: 101

Up late at night... The world asleep... Me doing laundry & playing with 3D animation... Too late or too early to really do anything, but create. But now the alluring tendrils of sleep pull me away... Perchance to dream...

[Edit: Still not asleep... Not even in bed... Maybe one game of Hearts, then I'll read Chuck Palahniuk's new book, Haunted. It's wicked gross, but I love it anyway.]

U2: Bono Sim cicra 1987

Bono Sim for The Sims 2

Jun 12, 2005

Photo: Buddha

Buddha :)

Photo: Hammer Museum

A Picture Share!, originally uploaded by m220.
Went to see Height of Sky but it was canceled.

U2: Bono circa ZooTV

I've barely played The Sims 2 since it came out namely because I didn't much have the time, but in between Boston for U2 and Cape Cod for vacation, I decided I deserved some Sims time. Of course, instead of actually playing, I fell right into my old habits of building homes, shops, clothes, and celebrity Sims. The hardest one I've tried is Bono. I don't know why, but his features just don't lend themselves well to 3D. Anyhoo, here's my first attempt. I may ditch The Fly for a younger Bono, perhaps the WOWY video version. Or I may just ditch the whole thing, as I leave in just a couple days and have loads of laundry to do...it's truly amazing how laundry multiplies like fruit flies.
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Links: My Sims 2 Page
Download: Sims 2 Bono ZooTV

Jun 10, 2005

Life: That's Melissa 2 U

I've been blogging for quite awhile now in some form or another... Heck, I started blogging before the term "blog" was widely accepted as the term for "online diary." Previously, I just called mine "rants," as they were, for the most part, just that.

However, after experimenting with various blog sites like Live Journal, My Space, and Mod Blog, I've decided to settle on Blogger for my penultimate Melissa Blog. It's a fairly easy interface, has lot's of fun little additions like audio blogs, and is somewhat autonomous in that one does not necessarily have to sign up with blogger to read and/or comment on my random thoughts. (That and I can use my flickr account to phone post live action pics! Oh, the excitement!)

So, that all being said... Welcome to my world on www.melissa2u.com via Blogger. I hope to entertain you, enlighten you, make you laugh, cry, yell, feel... Or, perhaps, evoke a feeling of pure ennui, if not the thought, "Wow, this chick is weird." Any which way around, I am a writer, for good or bad, and a writer, or at least this writer, needs an audience, regardless of whether you like me, love me, hate me, agree with me, or think I'm a complete loon.