Dec 2, 2021

Felt like writing a poem. Might delete later.

All through the pandemic I've struggled with writing but something has shifted and now I give you a poem called:

Unknown Horizon


        Float away
Losing time
    Losing sleep
Never want
    To begin
Never want
    To finish
Forever stuck
        In between

        Drift into space
Lost in thoughts
    And memories
Of what was
    And what I want to be

Hard to grasp
    On the now
Dive in
    Anchor down
    And repeat

What time is it?
    Zoning out again
Thoughts flit in
    And what of it?

Am I lost
    Or am I found?
Is this real
    Or all a dream?
And what's
    The difference

        Floating in a sea
Of stars
    Black symphony

Time slips away
Everything is now
In the eternal wake

Ra’s eye
    Shines down
Blinding me
    Can't see
What's right in 
    Front of me
Desired blindness

Darkness is a comfort
When the light burns
Keep going

        Drifting away
Across the sea

    You and me
I remember
You forgot

And my heart
    Still breaks
How long
    Until I'm free
How long
    Until I let go
Of the dreams
    That were
For the dreams
    That will be
Time to go
    Time to...

Float away
    From all the pain
Of what we can't 
    Have again
Drift with me
    Into thee

Drift with me
    Into thee


Never thought I'd write a poem again. I'm so relieved!